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The area of Bainbridge was settled in 1786. Originally called 'Jericho,' it was later renamed after a sea admiral. The most storied structure in the village is the Central Hotel, erected in 1805, which is now the Olde Jericho Tavern.


Recreational Opportunities Galore

Full 4 season enjoyment - nature's backyard for outdoor family fun - large community pool - all season youth programs - varied indoor facilities for all enthusiasts - active church and civic participation - accessibility to every recreational desire, General Clinton Park - A 45 acre park on the beautiful Susquehanna River, complete with pavilions, ball fields, horseshoes, for family get-togethers.

Home of the annual General Clinton Canoe Regatta

Historically based race down the Susquehanna - 70 miles from Cooperstown to Bainbridge - national Memorial Day attraction culminating in an old fashioned barbeque and field day - youth races and relays - great fun for spectators and participants alike.

Industrial Variety Compliments Village Life

In Bainbridge and vicinity are many major employment facilities. We are the home of Borden Company's "Elmer's Glue". Other village and area firms are list here.

Outstanding Educational Opportunities

Our school offers a modern progressive program featuring a state scholarship ratio unmatched in the area - a fine arts program that has achieved state wide recognition - a well balanced active extra curricular program for boys and girls - Community support - excellent teacher to pupil ratios - friendly atmosphere conducive to learning - offerings for college bound as well as vocationally oriented - clean, well kept, well-equipped buildings.

Enjoy the Pleasures of Living or Visiting Our Community

Excellent community relationship - active civic programs - a variety of social activities - gourmet restaurants - fine housing - tremendous recreational appeal - modern life with a touch of the past - all public conveniences - complete religious coverage - modern banks, library, nearby hospital and numerous antique and specialty shops.

The Complete Formula for Personal Growth

Every family and personal needs can be fulfilled in Bainbridge. The community environment balances the pace of life for the reward of all. Many of the goals of life are trampled by the mere living of life - but in Bainbridge we make the process a little more bearable. We've been at it longer - Join Us!


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