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Dear Subscribers:

Following are clarification and information addressing network problems that subscribers have reported in the recent past.  Please read carefully and in its entirety.


MKL.Net has replaced the dialup equipment in both the Bainbridge and the Guilford location on January 30, 2001 with v.90 Flex equipment, accessible via special digital lines provided by the phone company.  After some initial problems, the majority of customers is now experiencing better throughput.  Baud rates upto 50667 have been observed in both locations.  Please be advised that this rate varies depending on line quality.

Customers who have older PC/MacIntosh equipment have been accommodated by either special profiles that adjust the transmission rate or by having them dial into our old analog bank in Bainbridge, 967-6252.  This number now has limited capacity and should only be used if customers find that they cannot receive support from their PC/modem maker to find a compatible driver.

2.  PROBLEMS GETTING ON /GETTING CUT OFF on the new equipment

 If you do not connect at higher speeds than 28,000 and /or have problems staying on line, your modem is either

-  not a true v.90 bis Flex 56K 
-  an older KFlex standard that was later abolished due to a manufacturer's copyright issue
-  a modem by a manufacturer who claims it to be 56K, but it nevah waz!
 (certain issues of US Robotics Sportster 56K external were such an animal;  the company had to admit that they made a mistake - this was widely published in trade journals and on the Internet -
-  or:  you don't have the correct driver loaded for your modem.

Drivers are very confusing and we had to go through a trial and error session on our own workstations with various flavors of 56K drivers for our USR External 56K Couriers.

You will need to visit the website of your modem manufacturer to find the  correct driver and load it on your machine.  I'd be happy to assist you in locating such driver, if you can give me the specifics on your modem make and model.


We've had various  complaints from customers who

- have an LT Win modem and couldn't get an updated driver
- had a USR Sportster that claims to be v.90, but is not.
- have an HP Pavilion computer
- certain editions of IBM Aptiva also seem to be an obstacle.

The connection speed is directly related to line quality.  On our internal tech support computers which have to dial out to the CO and back into the network also vary between low 40s and 50667 baud.  Noise on the telephone line would cause that.  Electrical interferences of any kind could cause that.  Someone running a skill saw down the street from you could even impact your line quality.

We can arrange for the phone company to test your line.  Just call (607) 967-3800, ask for Nina, or E-mail the number that your computer is dialing FROM, to


Capacity has been monitored on an ongoing basis and we have sufficient modem lines available to carry all incoming dialup traffic.


There are no reports of bottlenecks regarding our direct connection to the Internet.  We have a dual redundant T1 to two different Sprint East Coast locations.  The lines are running below capacity at all hours.

Helen Birkmann
Senior System Administrator

Joe Hernandez

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