Save the Troubles of Styling by Wearing a Cashmere Pashmina

If you are thinking of how to style your attire uniquely, here’s your answer- pashmina. Pashminas are a classic; they never go out of style, right?

Do you know how cashmere pashminas got so popular?

First, they were highly valuable in the east including Asia and parts of the Middle East, but then they started taking over the west as well. How? Well, in 1998, designers from all the capitals of fashion like New York, London and Paris, started including pashminas in their collections. Ever since then, demands for pashminas are growing with every passing day.

Read on to find out more on pashminas before settling for one.

cashmere pashmina

How did a cashmere pashmina shawl come into the light?

“Pashmina” is a Persian word, which means the finest wool or “soft gold”. During summer, farmers comb the most exquisite wool from the chest and neck of Himalayan Mountain Goat.

Do not confuse yourself with the Tibetan antelope!

Those were used to produce Shatoosh cashmere pashmina shawls. They used to grow an inner coat, which was incredibly soft. In other words, they were like six times more delicate than a human hair. Since their diameter was around 14 to 19 microns, machines couldn’t spin them. They were hand-woven to make a shawl, and those products were exported to Europe and America.

However, pashminas took over the market in the very 15th century, starting a whole new era.

Cashmere is just a myth

Cashmere is nothing extraordinary as we all thought them to be.

Actually, when pashminas were becoming a huge thing in the east, western companies used a business strategy to earn profits. They manufactured a new product known as CASHMERE, which became a trademark among the western parts and thus, entry of cashmere pashminas into the west was banned.

Gradually, people started believing that cashmere is unique and hence, they priced them way too high. They started claiming a 100 USD pashmina to be 1000 USD cashmere and sold them out using a fat lie. Basically, they were no different from each other.

Taking care of your cashmere pashmina shawl is pretty simple

Although pashminas are delicate products, taking care of them is pretty simple. Follow these rules and your cashmere pashmina will remain all bright and new.

  • Occasionally, send them for dry cleaning.
  • Do not use a brush on them to increase the softness. It might feel softer, but it’ll make the pashmina wear out quickly.
  • To treat them yourself, use hand wash or baby shampoo or anything with a low pH and regular water.
  • Do not use any chemical or bleaching or hot water to wash them.
  • To restore the subtle touch, use a butter paper to cover it up and press warm iron on it.

That’s pretty much all you have to keep in mind.

How to recognise a pure cashmere pashmina shawl?

A pure pashmina shawl shall not be fluffy, and the colour won’t wash out quickly. But if it’s a blend, it might seem a little fuzzy. If you wish to get a blend one, go for a 90/10 or 80/20 because if it is less than 70% blend, it will look oddly shiny.

“Majority of the women prefer an average-sized blended one, whose retail price is approximately USD 500 in the USA.” However, we manufacture the same products at a much affordable rate.

Our products are light, soft and beautiful, in one word. Once you wrap them around yourself, you will be mesmerised with the warmth and cosiness they provide with. Our customers never fail to let us know how lovely our pashminas are. Once you try them on, you will be showered with compliments too!